Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Stop Using the R-Word!

Words DO hurt...Please take a moment to add your support to this important campaign, and check out the new Special Olympics website design! The on-going, casual use of the R-word to put down others or laugh at their expense, especially by young people and Hollywood, continues to fuel outdated, limiting and painful stereotypes that negatively impact millions of people with intellectual and other disabilities. As in 2008, I will continue to run this post monthly in 2009. Our word choices do matter, especially during this year of important CHANGE. 

Don't just talk about needed change. Be part of the solutions. 

Think dignity, equality and opportunities for all.

Photo courtesy of Special Olympics. Used with permission.

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Make A Difference Day Express and Crew said...

Judy, I can't thank you enough for your timely posting of the R-Word! I was substitute teaching today when I read your blog..and the fates would have it that I would use your blogpsot not even an hour later to address students using hand motions and calling each other the R-word. Thank you for this teachable moment with middle schoolers and hopefully gave them some food for thought. Thank you for being the voice for so many!! God Bless...Monica