Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cover Girl! -Deja Vu & Fine Tuning Magazine

I'm happy to report that I'm again celebrating publication of one of my photos on this month's (February) Fine Tuning, the award-winning program guide for PBS affiliate WKAR-TV at Michigan State University. 

This shot, entitled Political Beauty, is of the dome on Michigan's capitol building and was chosen, in part, to coincide with Governor Jennifer M. Granholm's State of the State Address on February 3rd. I find it a perfect fit! -and the photo is much easier to enjoy than news about our state's economy. 

Thanks again, Jeanie Croope & WKAR-TV, for this incredible honor! For more about public television efforts, visit WKAR and PBS.

Can't imagine a world without PBS and Big Bird!! 

'Political Beauty' Judy Winter 2008 


robinbird said...

congratulations! having your photo published is a serious compliment to your photography work. I see you have many things in addition to photography that you are passionate about. Much of which is about working hard to bring more compassion into the world. i admire that. i'm sure you found my blog through our mutual friend jeanie whom i love and admire. thank you for your visit and comment today :)

Jeanie said...

Very cool! Nice job and nice thanks! So glad Robin visited your blog! She's cool!