Friday, November 21, 2014

Book Lust

Can't wait to read Timothy Shriver's new book Fully Alive: Discovering What Matters Most.

The Chairman of Special Olympics already has a #1 bestseller on his hands.

Shriver's insightful words about growing up with and championing those with intellectual disabilities can only be good for the overall special needs awareness and cause.

Congratulations, Tim!!

Lucky us.

Friday Food for Thought

RicStar's Camp participant. Photo by Erik Taylor Photography. All rights reserved.

We all know that parents of children with special needs can cite lots of stuff they struggle with. 

They hear way too much about what's wrong with their children and what those children will never achieve, and they have to work extra hard not to breathe in all that negativity and try hard to make good things happen for their children anyway.

And sometimes, these parents even want to run far, far away from home and their overwhelming responsibilities and never come back.


But with Thanksgiving just around the corner, what  are you THANKFUL for?

Change focus. Dig deep. Breathe it all in. Celebrate it, and your children. 

Comment here. 

Inspire each other.

We all need that.

Oh yes, we do.

Special Olympics Just Dance Challenge

Courtesy of Special Olympics

It's been a while since I've posted here.

My bad.

A reminder that my much more regular posts appear on my professional Facebook page.

That said, let's get this blog updated with a great new effort by Special Olympics called the Just Dance Challenge, a three-month fundraising campaign to create even more awareness about the special needs organization.

Maroon 5 is in. How about you?

Specifics here.