Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Special Needs Back-to-School Series by Judy Winter- First Up, Funny Bedtime Stories

Before my book was published, I spent several years writing numerous columns and features on a wide range of special needs topics for local, state and national publications. Many of those earlier pieces are now online, including several articles/tips at the website Eduguide where they have been reprinted with my permission. 

Eduguide is committed to providing families and professionals with information/strategies that support a child's academic success. Because these articles are timeless, I've decided to provide links for several of those pieces as we approach back-to-school mania, beginning with the topic of quality parent/child time in the form of bedtime stories. It's one way I can support families during often unnerving back-to-school preparation rituals. 

Read Funny Bedtime Stories here, and check back frequently for more helpful links in the weeks ahead.

Knowledge is power, and sometimes the content is fun, too.

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