Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Remembering Eric's Death and Honoring His Life.

Today is the 8th anniversary of my son's death. I've since learned that a parent never really 'gets over' losing a child (no matter how uncomfortable that may make others), and time alone heals nothing. It's what you chose to do in each moment that grants you permission to keep on breathing, and helps you find treasured peace and purpose.

And I'm convinced Eric sent Jack to me, too. :)

I'll love you forever, Eric, and I'll never forget you, ever. Promise. xoxoxoxoMom

Here's a
great resource for those who have lost a child. Wish I'd known about it much earlier in my grief journey.

Judy Winter

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Jeanie said...

Hey, you --

Good to have dinner last night and talk about Eric. It helps me, too, you know. I'm sharing this link with a friend who might find the resources useful.

When I think of Eric, I think of smiles and music and Christmas. And really, what better things to be associated with?

Hugs! j